Who We Are

I've Walked in
Your Shoes

6 years ago, I noticed my child's grades had been slipping for the past years. The school told me it was "low self-esteem & lack of motivation'.  I refused to accept this as an explanation so I had my child tested by a professional.  Diagnosis:  ADD/ADHD.

Like a good mom, I did my research only to realize that:

+ I did not speak fast & using my hands because of my Italian heritage…
+ I did not get impatient waiting in lines because I had a bad temper…

+ I did not interrupt people because of a bad  habit…

+ I was not often late because I didn’t care…

It was because I had ADD/ADHD!

I know what challenges you face on a DAILY basis.  I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD at age 44 after learning about it for my child who was diagnosed 2 years earlier. 

My secret to success:

I realized that the secret to my success was that I was highly organized and that I adapted at each stage of life to the various challenges that came with it: 

+ Going to university – managing research projects & preparing for tests

+ Getting my first job as a professional – dealing with a boss who expected me at work on time &
    meeting deadlines

+ Becoming a homeowner – maintaining a house & paying bills on time

+ Having children (the ultimate test for any ADHD'er!) – raising healthy& happy children, managing
   homework & school activities

+ Becoming an entrepreneur – not having a boss to keep me focused & productive

In fact, I became a professional organizer BEFORE I was diagnosed!

+ As a member of Professional Organizers in Canada, I abide by a
  Code of Ethics.  All your information remains confidential.  
+ It also means that I take my profession seriously.  I invest in training
   to further my knowledge; such as attending our annual conference
   on a regular basis.
+ The Silver Leaf designation is given to organizers who have more
   than 5 years experience.
+ I am fully insured.
+ I do this full-time.

+ I am a Professional Member of CHADD (Children and Adults with
   ADHD), the national resource on ADHD.

+ I attend their annual conference to get the latest developments
   from leading experts on ADHD.

+ I have access to a resource of reliable information on ADHD.

Why us?

Before & After:

Everyone loves to look at those Before & After pictures when it comes to organizing spaces. 

Well, I do that with people!
I take you from the “Before”- frustrated and ashamed to the “After”- confident & in control.

I use my 25+ years of experience in marketing, administration, management & service both in large and small businesses to help you tame the C.H.A.O.S.* in your life, whether it is at work or at home.

(* = Constant, Horrible and Overwhelming Stress)

My Mission:

I teach the "Road Runners", "Tiggers" & "Tasmanian Devils" of the world how to get organized (and more importantly how to STAY organized) so they can make their life easier, save time, money space and energy and instead focus on doing things they love.