Homework Management

Setting up an optimal study area for school work is crucial.

Meal Planning

If you are like most creative individuals, your relationship with meal preparation is love/hate.
Cooking is a complicated task: deciding what to cook, making sure you have the ingredients, chopping, cooking and of course, clean up.   Getting dinner on the table on time & make healthy lunches can be a challenge.  Using Nathalie's Banana Bread Principle of Productivity will save you time, money and energy.

Activity Management

Sometimes you might feel like an air traffic controller or taxi for your family.  Driving children to their various sports or extra-curricular activities is challenging enough, let alone remembering to bring the uniforms, art supplies or other paraphernalia that goes with itGetting snacks ready for the road, figuring out what sports venue the game is at simply adds fuel to your fire.  Nathalie's surefire strategies will make these family rituals a breeze.