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Since we were young, we have been taught that the colours of the rainbow allow for creative expression and imagination. We learned associations between certain colours and certain elements. Have you ever considered that the colours of the rainbow have deeper meaning and influence to our lives than you might think? Yoga practice places a high level of importance on coloured chakras, believing that each colour symbolizes a different energy centre in our body. The yogic tradition believes that the more time and energy you invest in each chakra, the closer you will be to physical and mental wellbeing.

So how can you get in touch with your energy centres in your day-to-day life?

The answer:

Integrating these colours into different aspects of your daily scheduling and organizing of your life at home and at work.


Colour Coding

Many people use colours to differentiate between topics in their planner and daily to do’s, but have you ever considered which colours will inspire and energize you? Learning the deeper meaning behind each colour may help you make connections in your personal and professional life to boost productivity and organize your thoughts.

According to The Big Book Of Yoga, chakra colours have different meanings, locations and mantras.

Red— The colour red, ruled by the mantra “I am here now”, represents a strong mental and physical presence, or the idea of “being grounded”. In our daily lives, it is easy to get caught up in professional troubles, that sometimes follow us home to our personal lives. Associate red with the idea of being fully present with family, not letting your mind wander to work-related troubles. Red can also be associated with staying physically fit, and finding the time to exercise in our busy lives.

When to use red: Use red to colour code family events, activities or designated time for self-care, such as an at-home spa day. In a filing system, documents you keep forever (such as a will, a mortgage or a birth certificate) can be filed into a red folder.

Orange— Orange is ruled by the mantra “I am a force of attraction”, representing a strong sense of creativity and power of the mind. Orange ties into the Law of Attraction, which states that the universe will give back the same energy you put out.

When to use orange: Use orange to colour code your networking events, conferences or meetings in which you will be making new contacts. This will strengthen the association between the law of attraction and your professional life.

Yellow— Yellow, associated with the mantra “I know who I am, I am power” can be applied to various aspects of our professional lives. Knowing yourself personally and intellectually can manifest in your brand. Yellow makes the connection between one’s pride and ego to stand behind one’s business motto.

When to use yellow: Use yellow to colour code advertising deals, marketing events and opportunities to spread your message. Using your sense of individual power to spread your message will fuel your focus and inspire your awareness.

Green— “I am love”. Green symbolizes affection and care in its purest form. It symbolizes bonding with all of life, humans, animals, nature. Green can be linked to healthcare appointments and time spent helping others.

When to use green: Use green for medical checkups, doctor or dentist appointments, and meetings with health care professionals. This colour association will ensure that you prioritize your health over work. Green can also be used within your business files to represent your clients files, as you are helping them lead better lives.

Blue— “I express my truth”. Located in the throat, blue connects to the idea that words have power, and that living and expressing your truth is vital to your development. Whether it be through creativity, communicating with others or public speaking, your words form the basis of who you are.

When to use blue: Blue should be used for public speaking events, communication meetings, and in your daily interactions with others. Using the colour blue in this regard will strengthen the link between your words and your actions.

Indigo— “I am knowledge”. Attributed by the power of intellect, insight, concentration and memory, indigo allows us to constantly grow and learn new things. Investing in this chakra will broaden our knowledge as well as strengthen our precognition and intuition towards certain situations. After all, knowledge is power.

When to use indigo: Indigo can be used for scheduling training seminars, classes and any type of event where the acquisition of knowledge is involved. Gaining more knowledge will strengthen your approach to difficult situations with your clients.

Violet/White: “I am divine”. Violet and white symbolize the need for spiritual enlightenment, insight and divine power. For many, it is important not to lose touch with their religion, spirituality and consciousness. Strengthening the bond between your traditions and higher power will allow you to remember your roots.

When to use violet/white: Use these colours as markers for your Church events, religious ceremonies and opportunities to strengthen the bond with your creator. If you’re not religious, these colours can be used to code traditions and holidays, birthdays, weddings, as well as self-care appointments.


Tip for people with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Executing this colour-coding system into your daily planner and filing cabinet will strengthen the connections between the chakra colours and their associated emotions. Establishing a body-based connection will make it easier to remember where you put your documents. As a result, your planner will be more organized and you won’t feel like a scatter-brain searching through your files.

Chakra colours can be used in many other aspects of your life. Need confidence for that big presentation you’re giving Monday? Incorporate some blue into your outfit. Going on a date Friday? Empower yourself by wearing orange. First day of your training seminar?Broaden your horizons with a purple bandana. Colours are fuel for our creativity and empowerment to our energy centres. Use them wisely.

If you would like to get organized using chakra colours,

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