Nathalie is often invited to speak on how organization can help people, especially those with ADHD, improve their lives and function better overall by reducing the stressors associated with being disorganized in their physical space and thought processes, as well as mismanaging their time. 
She can develop custom presentations for your organization (e. g. work life balance)
or can repackage existing material and tailor it to your industry. 

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Over the course of the past 3 years, Nathalie has been a regular featured speaker on ADHD, coaching and organization at the weekly BNI networking meetings.  Her more in-depth presentations to the Business-to-Business Power Team provide additional insight on her experstise and an overview of the extent of the services she can offer to clients, partners and organizations.   

“As a Director Consultant at BNI, an international business networking group, I see hundreds of presentations every year by our members.  Last Fall, as part of ADHD awareness month, Nathalie did one of the best and most effective presentations I have ever seen.  In only 10 minutes, she was able to convey the number of people who are affected by this condition, the impact it can have on their life, the signs to look for that may indicate someone has ADHD and how, as a Professional Organizer and Coach who specializes in working with creative people, she can help them. 

Clear, to the point; simply and eloquently said.”  

- Arthur Benilous,  Area Director



Being fluent in French as well as in English, Nathalie will be speaking about "How to Declutter When Drowning in Stuff" in January in both languages.  In February, she will be presenting in French the "Navigating an ADHD Relationship for Non-ADHD Partners" that was given in English last Fall at the CADDAC conference by Heidi Bernhardt.

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Despite the pandemic, the conference still went on but virtually.  Nathalie held a live session on "How to Choose the Right Planner for Your Brain".

Lots of good and easy to follow information.  Extremely practical.  The handout is awesome and saves all that anxiety about capturing the resources mentioned.

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Now a regular speaker on ADHD and organization at this conference, Nathalie will be speaking on one of the most common problems Professional Organizers who work with people who have ADHD encounter.  "Nothing to Wear!  How to Organize Your Clothes to Avoid Laundry and Wardrobe Woes" will help people with ADHD address the piles of clothing that are waiting, scattered throught a home, at various stages of the laundering process, to be handled by their owners.  She will also provide insight while in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on how morning stress and indecision associated with selecting an outfit can become a thing of the past.

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COMMISSION SCOLAIRE DES DÉCOUVREURS - Training for new Professional Organizers
(in French) 

Nathalie was recommended by her fellow Professional Organizers as the person best suited to develop and present the content on Health & Safety for a new professional development program designed by a school board in her native province.  A second mandate to design and teach a course on How to Build Conference and Workshop Presentations for Rookie Organizers  will be offered at the start of 2020.

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Nathalie was one of the first presenters at the Professionals Day of the 2018 International ADHD Conference in Saint-Louis, Missouri. The topic was: "Should I Keep or Let it Go: How to Declutter When Drowning in Stuff". She offered some insight to fellow Coaches, Professional Organizers & Therapists on the impact that clutter can have on one's state of mind, the related health issues and how it can affect family dynamics when someone has ADHD.  Audience participants learned some ADHD-friendly strategies on how they can help their clients let go of their excessive possessions.

"...Presentation was well-organized.  Leaving with info I can implement immediately."

 - Anonymous, Conference Participant

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Nathalie closed the first day of the General Public Conference Day at the International ADHD Conference in Saint-Louis, Missouri.  After realizing how many her clients struggled with meal preparation, she developed this conference topic that would seem a no brainer for the neuro-typical population.  Through her talk on: "What's Cooking? How to Organize Your Food From Dawn to Dusk", Nathalie walked the audience through the various steps involved in getting dinner on the table in a timely and healthy fashion. Her strategies offer relief to the ADHD community that otherwise is challenged by their glitchy Executive Functions for a seemingly simple task. 

"As another ADHD Coach/Organizer, I've given many presentations on this topic and just want to say I thought yours was exceptionally well done -- and you are a great presenter! 


The topic of meal planning DOES have to start with kitchen organizing and you nailed it. One woman sitting near me kept saying "this is life changing...this is life changing." And there's no better feedback than that for us, is there? 


Yay you!

 - Lynne Johnson, Professional Organizer

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Nathalie was invited to develop a half-day presentation to help new entrepreneurs being mentored by this organization to get better organized in their businesses.  Topics covered optimizing the physical layout of one's work space, identifying key distractions and ways to reduce them, creating systems for better work flow and processes and finally, some time management strategies to improve the entrepreneur's overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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Nathalie's presentation in Atlanta, GA was entitled "Who's the Adult in this Relationship?  Using Organization to Help Neurologically Diverse Couples Re-Connect & Recharge".  She talked about how couples can communicate better with organization strategies that help the ADHD partner with task accomplishment. CHADD hosts the largest conference on ADHD every year.

"I would recommend Nathalie as a public speaker and an ADHD organizer. She is very passionate about her job and the ADHD cause. She has spoken at my ADHD support group meetings and attends a lot of them. She always has valuable information and tools to help the parents. 

Nathalie has been an amazing source of support and resources to me and my ADHD group. She goes out of her way to help people with any concern that they may have. Nathalie was one on the speakers at one of my meetings on ADHD and organizing your life! She was amazing! I cannot recommend her enough!"

- Monica Karam, Founder of ADHD Support Group for Families - West Island

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While in Quebec City, QC, Nathalie lead a workshop geared for health care practitioners who work with people with ADHD. Her session was entitled:  "Comment utiliser l’organisation pour aider les couples neuro-diversifiés à réduire le stress conjugal".

"Today, I attended a conference Nathalie Pedicelli was giving to a women's business luncheon.  As a public speaker, she was eloquent and very generous. I loved the fact that it was structured and yet speaking from the heart. Bravo Nathalie for speaking about this condition (ADHD) that is still, to this day, not well understood.” 

- Danièle Soaré, Financial Coach


In April 2017, in Pittsburgh, PA, Nathalie had the pleasure of sharing with fellow Professional Organizers her strategies on working with ADHD clients during the 2017 National Association of Professional Organizers Conference.  Her session "Bridging the ADHD Spousal Communication Gap Through Organization" brought some new ideas to help neuro-typical & ADHD spouses function better as a couple. 

This was an excellent session! The information was presented very well with distinctions between ADD & neurotypical people and clear strategies to accommodate challenges with ADD. The humorous reflections into her own experiences helped illustrate the strategies and put a fun twist on things.​

-NAPO Particpant

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