Course Overview

October 2019

8:30 am - 4:00 pm

BNI Training Centre, 2700 rue Diab, Ville Saint-Laurent, QC



COST:  75.00 $ / person

(Includes workbook, drinks, snacks and lunch.)


Less expensive than the cost of one fancy coffee a day
to improve your relationship

with the person you fell in love with.

Isn't it worth it?


If you have ADHD, have you ever been told “Will you let me finish what I have to say!”. Meanwhile, you’re thinking “Why is she looking at me like I am speaking in Klingon?”. Find out why people with ADHD communicate differently than their neuro-typical spouse and discover some strategies that will help improve your dialogue, prevent explosive outbursts and reduce the overall stress so you can function better as a couple. Communication will move from conflict to comprehension. 


People with ADHD are notoriously late for most things in their life. They just have a bad internal clock. In this module, we tackle some solutions to help the ADHD spouse be on time and be more productive overall…without having to do more work. We’ll teach you how to work smarter, not harder.

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“He often burns food because they forgot the stove was on.” Sound familiar? Learn some of the proven techniques that help keep the wandering mind more focused at home and at work. We’ll have some neat gadgets on site for you to try out too.

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“If you really loved me, you would remember what I asked you to do and then you would do it.” In this module, we will review how we can make the ADHD spouse more reliable and less forgetful and explore what types of agendas or to-do list can help with task accomplishment, and yes, even household chores!

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People with ADHD tend to leave a “trail”… if you live with someone who has ADHD, no need to say more! Learn why traditional organizing strategies don’t work for the creative ADHD mind. We’ll help you control the spread, reduce the clutter and master a unique strategy to help let go of all those sentimental unused items and unfinished projects.

Coasting_Surfing_Paperwork_Staying ahead

Paper is the biggest nemesis of highly creative people, especially when it’s boring stuff like bills and financial printouts. We will show you ways to eradicate those never-ending piles of paper, make filing fun and simple, as well as tips on how to optimize your home office layout. Late fees on bills will be a thing of the past!


When you have ADHD, making decisions can be difficult because so many options can easily overwhelm you. This is often why when you try to tackle that pile of papers to file, it never really gets fully done and just keeps piling up. We’ll cover strategies for rapid decision-making so it’s easier for you to decide stays, what goes…or where to go on vacation!


“She (insert your spouse’s addiction here: e.g. binge watches an entire season of a TV show / wastes time on Facebook / is addicted to YouTube videos on organization) instead of getting her work done.” Learn how to identify time traps and how to overcome them along with other productivity secrets to boost you/your ADHD spouse into action.


It sounds contradictory that people with ADHD would be perfectionists but it’s often the case. Projects get started with the greatest intention and…never ever get finished. We’ll cover the reasons why projects don’t get finished or even started. More importantly, we will give you tools to help you make them happen while reducing the opportunities for conflict!

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Hey! It’s not all bad stuff when you have ADHD. Find out how to turn your distractibility, hyperactivity and impulsivity into strengths you can tap into both at home and at work.