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Feeling stuck and spinning in inaction?

Do you want to develop better self-care habits and routines?

Do you get the impression you are settling rather than reaching your dreams?

Learn to self-advocate, asking for what you want, and saying 'no'.

Identify key values and needs that will act as signposts to guide your decision-making.

Develop a growth mindset.

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Coaching offers a judgement-free, safe space for personal growth. 

We welcome your deepest thoughts, fears and emotions running through your brain.  Coaches help you explore your strengths, identify your values and needs so they can better guide you on the right path. 


Coaching helps you question and build self-awareness of the changes that needs to take place. The answers are within you. Sometimes, people just need a little nudge to recognize those answers. A coach is like a tugboat pushing a ship into position so it can dock at a port more easily. 


Coaches encourage their clients to step out of their comfort zone and take risks because personal growth results from trying new things. Envisioning how different your life could be if you changed your way of thinking and doing can open so many possibilities. 

Coaches create accountability with you so you can make things happen. 

Lasting changes takes time. Long journeys begin by taking small steps, especially when it comes to ADHD. 


It’s not all talk and no action when you work with Nathalie. Sessions interchange as needed between coaching topics and more action-oriented organizing sessions like doing on the spot decluttering. And yes, it’s even possible to declutter while on a video conference call! 

Still not sure?

Watch the video below to find out what a coaching session looks like!

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