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The momentum continues.


The Planning Your Year Workshop was created to help adults with ADHD become proactive.
The typical reactive ADHD way of planning involves putting out fires.

Aren't you tired of reacting and having to do a LOT of apologizing?

This workshop will help you take those ideas in your head and make your plans come to life.

"This class has allowed me to dream again." - D.N.


  • Set up your planner to save time throughout the year.

  • Create a daily plan and weekly schedule. 

  • Manage interruptions.

  • Prioritize and systemize tasks.

  • Say no elegantly.

  • Set a vision for key goals for your year.

  • Breakdown and schedule larger projects.

  • Make mindmaps.

  • Get out of procrastination.


Hour 1:  Lesson

Hour 2:  Questions and answers

Hour 3:  Implementation time

(We will have short breaks too if you can stay the whole time.)


You will have the opportunity to also come to our MONTHLY planning support group.

Our Pro Organizer Coach will guide you as you move forward
and will also help you get unstuck.

Our supportive non-judgmental community will create the momentum within you. 


Our proven planning method works for ANY brand of planner,
whether paper or digital or a combination of both.

Over one thousand adults with ADHD have adopted the Planning Your Year Method.

Will you join us?

What:  4 x 3-hour sessions

When:   Thursday, April 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th, 2024  
from noon-3pm EASTERN TIME 

Cost:  Priceless because it is FREE

Need more info before signing up?
Book your FREE 30-minute 

Book your FREE 30-minute consultation

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