Are you used to not quite fitting in?

Do you ever wonder why you think so differently from your co-workers?

Have you tried many times to get your life in order or become an "adult"?

Do you wait to the last minute to get started on a project and drive others around you crazy?

Procrastination, perfectionism and avoidance are key hallmarks of ADHD. 
With organization and coaching help, we teach you how to avoid falling in those traps.
You learn to adapt your environment to the ADHD way of thinking, doing and being
so you can deliver results in a neurotypical world.




  • Often with ADHD, we know what to do but we just can't seem to muster ourselves into action.

  • Having a coach creates Social Accountability, just enough gentle pressure to push you into action.



  • Every time you try to get your life in order you seem to take detours.

  • We help you put structures in place so that you can reach your full potential.



  • Many people with ADHD have difficulty planning their day, let alone their week.

  • Welcome the opportunity to set some long-term goals and make them happen.


We start with the outer circle and work our way inwards to the core of who you are.


We look at:


  • S = How you manage your space at home & at work

  • T = How you use your time

  • O = How you interact with others around you - saying no, advocating for accommodations when your family dynamics come into play (most of my clients are married to their total opposite!) or how your interactions with your business partners affect your productivity.

  • I = How you speak to yourself (Is there a Negative Nellie in your head?), how you take care of yourself (sleep, nutrition, exercise), how to identify your strengths.

  • C = How you communicate at home, work or at social events.

You discover:


  • How to adapt your environment to the way you think, feel and do ADHD, because traditional organizational techniques do not work for ADHD

  • Which products are more suitable for ADHD when it comes to organizing your home

  • How to work smarter, not harder, especially when it comes to projects

  • What types of foods can help you with your concentration and weight management

  • Techniques to help you focus and remember things more easily

  • Strategies for better sleep

  • How to better communicate with your spouse

  • How to maximize your strengths

  • How to get things done


ONLINE by Video Conference


MONTHLY:         380.00$ / 4 sessions @ 1 hour each 

QUARTERLY:  1,100.00$ / 12 sessions @ 1 hour each 

at your home or office

PER VISIT:  285.00$ / 3 hour minimum

* Some travel expenses may apply if outside our area.

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