"I walked down the hallway towards the office, and I felt my stomach constrict. I stopped and thought, What the heck is that all about? And why does it feel so familiar? Then I realized that I’ve had that feeling every time I walked near my messy office. What a revelation! (...)  Last Summer, I hired office organizer, Nathalie Pedicelli.  She was so great!  She helped me quickly sort things into categories.  The job of de-cluttering is all about bite-sized lumps..." 
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                     - Elizabeth Johnston, Creative Writer, Own Your Creativity

"Nathalie helped me see the forest for the trees. She was able to focus and guide me toward the path I so longed to take but could not find the entrance. Thanks to her, my professional life is on the right track."

- Isabelle Bakran, Naturopath, Living Healthy and Green


"Before I met with Nathalie, my relationship with my boyfriend was filled with frustration, misunderstandings and blowouts.  Nathalie changed my life.  After spending just one hour with her, I learned how his ADHD affects him and we now communicate effectively, share openly and I can support him in all his objectives and goals. We are now a loving couple that flourishes in all situations. Thank you Nathalie.."

- A. Evans, Business Coach

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"Nathalie has been an amazing source of support and resources to me and my ADHD group. She goes out of her way to help people with any concern that they may have. Nathalie was one on the speakers at one of my meetings on ADHD and organizing your life! She was amazing! I cannot recommend her enough!"

- Monica Karam, Founder, ADHD Support Group for Parents - West Island

"If you want to get control of your life, you've GOT to call Nathalie.  Within 1 day, she helped me clear out years of clutter and make my Home Office a functional, neat and work-friendly environment; a place which I had previously avoided like the plague. She is an amazingly efficient, helpful and friendly professional. I would highly recommend her.  Since Nathalie came to organize my work space, I find it much easier to stay on task.  My husband is really appreciates having his kitchen counter surface back.  What I thought would take me 6 months to organize, took one day with you to show me how and why I should do things a certain way.  It was all I needed to get inspired to go do some of the other areas of my house.  Your services have been priceless for me.  You have not only saved me one hour per day of time wasted looking for things but more importantly, my sanity!"

- Heidi Holfelder, Owner & Pet Groomer, Toilettage Plus Chez Heidi

"It's amazing how much space I inherited and really how much easier it is to see what I have and what I'm low on.  I'm impressed!  My pantry is deep so normally I stack  pile everything in the back and I forget what's back there and it's always a mess.  Now, I have two rows, a back and a front.  I'm laughing at myself because instead of closing my cupboard doors, I'm leaving them open so I can just stare in.  What a change from avoiding visuals to can't get enough visuals!"

- R. Di Tomasso, Receptionist