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This is what I call a conversation starter to use with your loved one or your doctor. This self-test questionnaire for adults indicates whether or not you show signs of ADHD.  Of course, only a psychologist or doctor can do a proper assessment and your doctor can give you an official diagnosis based on the psychologist’s recommendation.


DISCLAIMER: A proper ADHD diagnosis involves interviews and other assessments by healthcare practionners trained in ADHD.  You’ll need to see a doctor in order to be diagnosed. This quiz is not intended to offer a medical diagnosis and should not be substituted for one.


REMEMBER:  If you need help organizing your space or need help with some time management, I offer a free 30 minute session via telephone or video.   


This wonderful children's book is a brief 5 minute read that can change someone's life. I use this book as an icebreaker to help people understand what ADHD can look and feel like. Great tool for people, teachers and grandparents who may not understand ADHD and its complexities. Be prepared to pull out the paper tissues; many people start crying when they read this book. I often hear "This is my child.", "This is my spouse.", "This is me.  I finally understand my brain and why I behave as I do."  I even had a woman declare after reading this book "I have been yelling at my husband for 20 years. I now understand what he has been dealing with all these years.  We have a new relationship."

​Watch the unofficial
video version below.