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Group coaching is not only more affordable but it also provides more accountability and support amongst members.

Cashflow Pro

Are you one of the many ADHDers who struggle with cash flow issues, never really knowing if you have enough money to pay for things?  In this group, you learn how to plan your main expenses for the year and also those special projects.  Make your own spreadsheet or use a simple technique to stay on top of your cashflow.

Declutter Your Life

Do you feel you are drowning in stuff?  This group is designed to help you declutter your physical space at home or at work.  Find some solidarity and companionship while decluttering at the same time as your fellow group members.

Planning Your Year

You've probably tried many planners without success.  In this group, we learn a METHODOLOGY that can be applied to paper or digital planners.  This  4 week workshop of 90 minutes per class sets up your year so you can become proactive instead of always planning by which fire to put out.  

Paper Pile Busters

Do you have piles of paper all over your home or office?  Do you end up making a mess when looking for that piece of paper you need?  Then this group is for you.  Dealing with paperwork is a big sore point for people with ADHD.  Learn how to clear the mess and more importantly, stay on top of things.

Body Doubling

Many times, we know what we have to do but we just need someone at the other end to get us going.  Get stuff done with the help of body doubling.  Join fellow ADHDers in beating procrastination.

ADHD 101 for Partners

Does your partner in love or business have ADHD?  Do you feel it's become a Parent-Child Dynamic?  Come first to commiserate and then learn what's going on in your partner's head.  Discover strategies to work more effectively with your partner and rekindle the love.

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