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Choosing the right coach to suit your needs, habits and lifestyle is essential to collaborating and making progress towards a better you. Before reaching out to your local ADHD coach or professional organizer, take the time to ensure you are in good hands. Most importantly, make sure you feel you connect with them.

Questions to ask when seeking a professional:

  1. First and foremost, do they have the proper training to provide ADHD coaching services? Every certified coach must complete training as well as other specific advanced courses.

  2. Do they have a triple proficiency? In other words, do they specialize in ADHD, coaching and organizing? If you are seeking help with all 3, this is an important question to ask.

  3. Do they have ADHD themselves, or a child with ADHD? Someone who lives with ADHD knows what issues you may be facing on a daily basis.

  4. What is their approach to working with clients who have ADHD?

  5. A true professional belongs to professional associations. Ask which ones they are a member of.

  6. Have they pursued any further training in organizing or coaching for people with ADHD?

  7. How many years have they been organizing & coaching people with ADHD?

  8. What are the rates involved in working with the professional?

  9. What are their means for meeting with clients? (Virtually, over telephone, in person, or at home office, in person, at your home or office).

  10. What sets them apart & what is their coaching philosophy?

  11. What does the professional participate in to broaden their knowledge of ADHD coaching & organizing?

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