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3 Productivity Hacks Designed to Optimize Your Workflow

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Many entrepreneurs live by the motto: work smarter, not harder.

Is it easier said than done? Not necessarily.

Introducing these time-savers into your daily planner will help reduce distractions, conquer procrastination and boost your productivity sky high.

1. Task-batching

Task batching refers to grouping together a bunch of similar tasks into one day on your planner. By giving a general theme to each day, you will only have to focus on a similar set of tasks, making it easier for your brain to focus, resulting in a higher likelihood that you’ll complete all the tasks efficiently.

Example: Designating one day to conquer all your finances (filing taxes, expense reports, paying credit card bills).

Statistics show that our brain needs 25 minutes to refocus when switching from one different task to another. After all, starting is half the battle. This time can add up, especially when you’re trying to conquer 15 different tasks in one day.

By implementing task-batching into your planner, your brain will be in the zone, instead of working overtime to complete many different tasks.

John Lee Dumas is a prime example of task-batching being used in a professional setting. John’s podcast Entrepreneur On Fire is ranked the #1 business podcast to date. To streamline efficiency for his podcast, John implements a combination of task-batching and The Pomodoro Technique. John task-batches by scheduling several interviews in one single day, allowing him to complete up to 14 podcast recordings. That’s enough content for two weeks! He conducts each interview routinely, always asking the same 5 questions and staying within a time frame: 20 minutes per interview. By grouping his interviews together, John stays in the zone and keeps his executive functions flowing.

No need to stray off task!

2. The Pomodoro Technique

Developed by Francesco Cirrilo, this time-management technique states that you will give your undivided attention to one task, big or small, through intervals of 25 minutes that are monitored with the help of a timer. After the timer rings, give your mind a break by doing something relaxing & unrelated to work. Then take a 5 minute break. Once your brain has reset, immerse yourself in another task for 25 minutes, and the cycle continues. This technique is an effective way of maximizing your time, energy and attention span to complete daunting tasks. If after 17 minutes you still have trouble focusing, just tell yourself “only 8 more minutes”. This strategy is especially helpful for people with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). To learn more about the secrets of The Pomodoro Technique, click here.

To maximize productivity, John Lee Dumas put his own twist on The Pomodoro Technique: Designating 42 minutes to conducting immersive work for his podcast, followed by 18-minute breaks. Tailoring the time intervals to your needs will personalize your time management to your attention span and energy exertion.

Just make sure you take breaks!

3. Warren Buffett’s Method Millionaire investor Warren Buffett has a simple strategy for making big decisions. This is a method which helps narrow down your most important goals, while singling out the insignificant ones. This method can be used as preparation before implementing task-batching and The Pomodoro Technique. There are three easy steps to Warren Buffett’s method:

  1. Write down 25 goals (big or small) on a sheet of paper.

2. Circle your top 5 goals.

3. Put your top 5 goals on one list, and the remaining 20 on a second list. Work on your top 5 goals until they’re accomplished.

This method reinforces the idea that repeatedly accomplishing small, mundane tasks is simply avoiding the key goals you’ve set for yourself. If you never face the real problem, you will be stuck in a cycle of finding something else to occupy your time with. Personal growth can only be achieved if you tackle your goals head-on

. Going Forward Are your goals too extravagant to accomplish in a small amount of time? Don’t overwhelm yourself by looking at the bigger picture. Take baby steps every day to bring you closer to achieving your goals. Conquering the day is better than conquering your life. You can learn more about Warren Buffett’s not to-do list here. After all, going after that job you’ve always wanted is infinitely more rewarding than remembering to go to the drugstore.

With this bulletproof productivity plan, nothing can stop you from reaching your maximum potential!

For more information on optimizing your workflow, and how coaching can help you get there,

visit to book your FREE 30 minute Productivity Boosting session.

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