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Inspired by “Adult ADHD—How to Succeed as a Hunter in a Farmer’s World”

By Thom Hartmann

People with ADHD are naturally highly creative, resistant to authority and crave independence. This drives many ADHDers to seek entrepreneurial positions which allow them to be their own boss and pursue their personal business venture. However, not everyone with ADHD has this possibility, leaving them to pursue positions within the corporate world which fit their hunter profile.


Here are 4 types of jobs in which people with ADHD thrive in:

  1. Sales Positions— As a hunter, daunting paperwork and bookkeeping tasks are the bane of their existence. Therefore, seeking a sales position allows them to hunt opportunities, interact with people, challenge themselves and take risks while still remaining in a stable corporate environment. Sales positions may be the stepping stone for hunters to develop their interpersonal skills and self confidence to pursue their own business venture in the future.

  2. Creative Jobs— Creative jobs are very popular among people with ADHD, as this allows hunters to take artistic license and create content to fit their vision. Journalism, for example, is a field which requires you to be on the hunt for new stories, events and stay up to date with the world around you. Moreover, creative fields such as graphic design, film production, theatre and content creation appeal to people with ADHD because it provides them with an outlet to put their creativity and flow of inspiration to good use.

  3. High Simulation Jobs— High simulation jobs are positions which involve a dynamic, ever-changing environment with fresh, new tasks and challenges being presented everyday. This keeps the ADHD mind stimulated and promotes short bursts of hyper focus mode, as ADHDers are good sprinters but not marathon runners. High simulation jobs are not dependent on a routine, which is why they appeal so much to hunters. These jobs include emergency healthcare providers, litigators, consultants, teachers, activists, or military and pilot positions.

  4. Hands-On Jobs— Much like high simulation jobs, practical jobs which allow for hands-on experience are a popular choice among hunters. These positions benefit people with ADHD as they are able to use their hyperactivity to perform better. Jobs in fields such as massage therapy, landscape architecture, construction, child care and restaurant chefs are good choices for ADHDers.

People with ADHD sometimes go through many jobs before finding a position that suits their needs & values. If you are having a difficult time narrowing down a field which interests you, make a list of pros & cons of each job and use a process of elimination to find the best fit. When you know what your values & needs are, it’s easier to determine ventures that will suit your personality and long-term goals. If you are still having difficulties, hiring a career coach or ADHD coach can be a good step in the right direction.


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