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What’s your bad habit? It’s one thing to enjoy your favorite series after work or indulge in a sweet treat here and there. However, hobbies and indulgences can quickly become a distraction, means of procrastination or coping mechanisms if you’re not careful. Finding a healthy balance between work and play can be difficult for entrepreneurs or professionals with a home office.

Studies show a strong link between addiction and ADHD, due to high levels of impulsivity, boredom and hyperactivity. Though people with ADHD are most vulnerable, neuro-typical people also struggle with addictions to phones, television, food, drugs or alcohol.

Can’t stay away from your favorite series or that one bag of chips? Perhaps your new year’s resolutions aren’t panning out the way you thought they would?


Check out these innovations designed to cut off distractions &

boost your productivity:

K-Safe Container with Lock and Timer

A powerful tool to build good habits. Once the timer is set, and the button is pressed, the safe will remain locked until the timer reaches 0. No overrides. You can stow credit cards or cash to prevent spending, limit munching on unhealthy snacks, unplug from tv and video games, take a break from your phone or email, cut back on smoking, lock up medication, remove distractions to focus on work, use as a parenting or time-out tool. Available in 3 sizes. Choice of white or see-through base and colour lid.

Moment app (Free for iOS & Android)

Take back time. Moment for iPhone and Android helps you take control of your life by relearning how to use your phone. The app features a virtual coach which provide you with daily exercises and strategies to be present for the moments that really matter. The app also tracks your screen time to create self-awareness of how much time you’re wasting on your phone.

Anti Social - Social Media Blocker ($15 for Mac & Windows)

Social media is an integral part of promoting a business and can present numerous opportunities. However, it is also a master time waster. Social platforms are created to profit off of our addictive tendencies, keeping you glued to the screen day after day. Therefore, setting limits on your social media use can keep you on track and preserve your self-esteem. This accessible app will keep you off those sites that simply amplify procrastination.

Rescue Time

(Free - $6/month for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux & Chrome)

Rescue Time is an all-in-one time optimization tool which tracks how you spend your time, creates goals & alerts and sends you weekly reports to help you understand how you spend your time. The app works in the background while you go throughout your day - no manual entry required. Rescue time offers free trials for each of its flexible plans: Rescue Plan Lite, Rescue Time Premium and Rescue Time for Organizations.

Time Out

(Free on Mac App Store)

This app is for all the workaholics out there. Researchers emphasize the importance of taking short period breaks, concluding that you’ll actually get more work done by taking regular breaks. If you sometimes find it difficult to step away from the screen, spending long hours at your desk, this app is for you. Time out allows you to customize your break schedule to offer you periodic reminders to take breaks and recharge. Please note this app is only for Mac computers.

Freedom (Free, premium plans start at $6.99/month)

Freedom is your go-to for minimizing distractions across any and all devices. Offering a variety of plans at different price points, Freedom allows you to block apps, websites and the internet. The app allows you to schedule blocks and sync them across all devices, keeping you on track from every angle. This platform is available for Mac, Windows, IOS and Android.


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